Malta Public Holidays 2022

Malta public holidays are a nice break from work in Malta. It’s a good opportunity to switch off and enjoy the day by the beach, go out and for lunch or even take a break at a local hotel or travel. It’s common for Maltese to bridge holidays. Meaning that if a holiday falls on a Thursday you would want to book Friday off to enjoy a very long weekend.

The below list of all the public holidays for Malta in 2022 can help you plan ahead your off days and trips.

What are Malta’s public holidays for 2022?


Date Day Holiday
1 Jan Sat New Year’s Day
10 Feb Thu Feast of St Paul’s Shipwreck
19 Mar Sat Feast of St Joseph
31 Mar Thu Freedom Day
15 Apr Fri Good Friday
1 May Sun Workers’ Day
7 Jun Tue Sette Giugno
29 Jun Wed Feast of St Peter and St Paul
15 Aug Mon Feast of the Assumption
8 Sep Thu Victory Day
21 Sep Wed Independence Day
8 Dec Thu Immaculate Conception
13 Dec Tue Republic Day
25 Dec Sun Christmas Day

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Read the official government documentation in regards to the national holidays and other public holidays in Malta