High Demand Jobs in Malta You Should Know About

There are so many benefits to living on the idyllic European island of Malta, including a low cost of living and an attractive tax system. And thankfully, it’s not difficult at all to find success in this location. High-demand jobs in Malta are abundant, and there’s a little something for everyone. 

In this article, we’re sharing some of the top jobs in Malta to give you a better idea of the opportunities here. We’ll be talking about some of the most high demand jobs that are worth looking into and the best ways you can find them. Then, we’ll help you start browsing interesting jobs today. 



Finding Quality Jobs in Malta has Never Been Easier

Because it’s a location dedicated to technology and advancement, securing a quality job in Malta is easier than ever. Business is booming here and growth is only inevitable. Nothing is stopping you from claiming some of the success for yourself to enjoy. Now, you really can enjoy a picture-perfect location with the high demand job you’ve dreamed. 


6 High Demand Jobs in Malta to Start Researching

If you’re looking for a lucrative job with growth opportunities, then Malta is the place to be. This progressive country is leading the world in many different industries, providing growth to anyone interested. Here are six of the best jobs in Malta you should start researching now. 


iGaming Expert

Malta is home to a whopping 300 iGaming companies, and the activity accounts for more than 13% of our GDP. To say iGaming is important here would be an understatement. This industry is exploding and is providing some wonderful job opportunities for people who call Malta home. If you’re looking to work in an exciting atmosphere with plenty of room for growth and interaction, the iGaming industry might be for you. 


IT Specialist

As mentioned above, Malta is an up-and-coming location. Technology is only getting strong here, and true growth lies on the horizon. There’s a reason this area has often been nicknamed “Mediterranean Silicon Valley”, and the IT industry is one of the best examples. Gaming, and its popularity, are one of the driving factors behind the exploding IT industry, and IT specialists are in hot demand. Early-stage investment companies and the Maltese government itself have built a strong framework for the IT sector, leaving plenty of room for growth and development. Tech-inclined people looking for a position with plenty of grow-room should consider accepting an IT specialist position in Malta. 


Blockchain Developer

With the many technological advancements in this country, it’s no surprise to learn that the blockchain is huge for the country of Malta. In fact, it was the first country in the entire world to regulate cryptocurrency and provide an organized framework to use it. Malta has also been nicknamed “Blockchain Island”, because of its rapid growth and the government’s encouragement to “test and operate” the technology here. Blockchain development positions are some of the most lucrative in the country. People looking to pioneer a better understanding of cryptocurrency should consider a blockchain job in Malta. These high-demand positions are sure to keep you busy and satisfied. 


Pharmacy Technician

Because Malta is home to so many different technological advancements, it only makes sense for this island to also have a strong pharmaceutical presence. And it does! The opportunities for growth in this industry are unlike any other. It already employs more than 1,000 people and is responsible for exporting more than €150 million of goods per year. It is a booming sector in Malta, and there is still plenty of room for growth. Malta is even skyrocketing its trajectory by placing heavy emphasis on genetic research and understanding. People looking to enjoy a high-demand job in Malta with flexibility and professional advancement opportunities should consider a career as a pharmacy technician. 


Hotel Manager

While Malta continues advancing and improving at a rapid pace, the tourism here only grows more popular. Now, tourists aren’t only coming to see the rich history and world-famous sites, they’re also interested in the rapid progress of our island country. Believe it or not, tourism accounts for approximately 15% of Malta’s GDP, making it even more lucrative than the iGaming sector. This is definitely an industry worth looking into. Those looking for more interactions with the public should consider hotel management as a career opportunity. The benefits of this position are unlike any other and can lead to an exciting life of fulfillment. 


Financial Service Expert

Another rapidly growing industry in Malta is financial services, and people with experience or education here should consider jumping in. From asset management and insurance to investment funding and corporate services, the financial sector makes up another 11% of Malta’s GDP. This industry has actually integrated itself into the backbone of Malta, supporting all the other growing industries in the country. Finding a job in financial services can also be quite fulfilling, granting you the opportunity to work on global projects and earn a decent salary. Financial experts also possess a broad range of transferable skills and networking opportunities, which provides lots of room for growth. 



Start Browsing All the Jobs in Malta Today

We’ve listed six high-demand, high-value jobs that are available in Malta right now. But, there are still so many more to choose from. As a location that’s only growing, the opportunities get more attractive. And, finding a position that’s right for you grows easier by the day. At Maltajobs.com, you can browse through all the jobs available here from the comfort of your own home. Read about the position, negotiate pay potential, and even send in your resume without ever getting out of your pajamas.