Recruitment in Malta. How to Hire Employees in Malta?

What is the best way to hire employees in Malta?

Hiring new employees is usually a time-consuming venture. And finding the right candidate for an open position in a short period isn’t always a task companies are willing to take on internally. The solution? they turn to practical hiring methods like, a job listing website and recruitment agencies.

There are plenty of good reasons why companies of all sizes turn to a job listing website, like or a recruitment agency. Both free up useful time for HR managers and company owners, expose your open roles to a much wider pool of qualified talent, and take away the stress from one of the most important steps in the recruitment process: getting the word out.  

Job listing platforms like and recruitment agencies are two popular options, but they do compare differently in some key areas. Before we explore the pros and cons of both to determine the best hiring approach for your business, let’s remind ourselves about the mentality of job seekers in Malta.


How to find a job in Malta? 

Malta offers an industrialized economy and it’s a great place to live for both local and international job seekers. It’s also considered home to plenty of good job opportunities, especially if you are looking for a very well paid job in the iGaming or Financial industires.

Long gone are the days when a fresh-out-of-school job seeker pore over a local newspaper job section to find new opportunities. Today, most job seekers rely on a mix of traditional and digital resources when seeking new career opportunities.

Traditional methods like networking and referrals remain one of the most effective ways of linking job hunters and open positions in Malta; however, the vast majority of job seekers are not in a position where they could benefit from such an approach. Hence, may turn to the next best thing: job listing websites. Of course, a good number of job seekers also register with recruitment agents to link them to suitable open vacancies.


Role of recruitment agencies when finding candidates and a job in Malta

Finding candidates:
Recruitment agencies work closely with employers to help them find top talents to fill their open positions. They usually provide highly specific industry knowledge and services to both employers and prospective employees. Such agencies provide a personal touch by reaching out to a pool of active job seekers by phone or email to discuss their suitability and interest to move into open job roles. But at a cost.

Finding a job:
In Malta, recruitment agencies are quite popular with job seekers. Likewise with employers, the experience provided by recrutment agencies for job seekers tends to be quite close too. You also tend to get more feedback in regards to the process, especially if you have a strong resume. Thus job seekers seek recruitment agencies for help in finding their dream career opportunities.

Top recruitment agencies in Malta 

There are a few of them which are at the top of their game, often connecting talents to prospective employers in specialized industries. We have listed a few of them below, some of which also list their job vacancies on MaltaJobs


Top job searching websites in Malta

Apart from, there are a few other reputable job boards where employers can list their open roles for free or for a fee and receive applications from interested candidates. Some of them are: 


Recruiting in Malta through a job listing websites vs recruitment agencies

Recruitment tools like online job websites and recruitment agencies help employers save up ample amount of time, effort, and costs in the hiring process. When used appropriately, these external methods can increase the efficiency of your recruitment strategy. But because they are not merely the same, they offer employers different things and ways to reach quality candidates. But which is more likely to connect the best talent to your open positions? Let’s find out! 

Listing your job vacancy through MaltaJobs

When it comes to hiring and job seeking in this modern age, job listing sites like MaltaJobs are among the most popular and convenient options for both job seekers and employers. Firstly, the amount of job listings on the platform is wider than those in hand of a recruitment agency.

This in turn translates in generating much more traffic from job seekers visiting MaltaJobs. They are your target audience if you are hiring. Job hunters love that they can filter through hundreders of listings from prospective employers in one place to find exactly what they want from their next job.

Employers on the other hand appreciate the time-saving capabilities available for finding qualified candidates already visiting platforms like MaltaJobs on a daily basis.. On a popular job listing site like MaltaJobs, it’s common to start receiving applications from suitable candidates less than 24 hours after posting a job opening. 

If you are listing your job through a job website like MaltaJobs you should also have a look at our tips to easily find quality employees in Malta.

Why should you hire and submit your job vacancies through MaltaJobs?

  • All new employers start submitting their job opening for free when they sign up.
  • Employers can sign up for our partners program and earn commission when referring other employers to list their job vacancies on MaltaJobs
  • MaltaJobs is a cost-effective option compared to using a recruitment agency. It has an effective free service and some premium options for bespoke hiring that can be beneficial when filling certain high-level positions.
  • MaltaJobs has a broad audience. Hence, listing your openings on the site can help you reach job seekers who may not be already familiar with your company while also creating brand awarness.
  • 0% success fee. Unlike recruitment agencies in Malta, MaltaJobs charges no success fee for hires.
  • Candidates get job suggestions based on their profile and also via our email job alerts, so you’ll be sure to start attracting the right candidates for your job from the moment you submit the job on MaltaJobs.
  • Employers get candidate suggestions the minute you post your job vacancy.
  • You can manage all your jobs, candidates and company profile directly through our custom employer dashboard.


Using Recruiting Agencies in Malta

Recruitment agencies and headhunters specialize in attracting and vetting qualified candidates in the hiring process. They usually work closely with HR teams to find people with the right skills and experience to fill open positions in the company. 

Why should you hire using recruitment agencies in Malta?

  • Established recruitment agencies have a large pool of job seekers and resume to match job vacancies in Malta.
  • Well-connected job recruiters can offer up quality talent fast.


Why should you avoid recruitment agencies in Malta?

  • To benefit from a talent recruiter, you have to find the right one for your industry. That itself can be time-consuming.
  • The obvious benefits of job recruiters can come at a high cost: in terms of commission fees for the employer.
  • There is a risk that a hire may not be the right fit if the recruiter isn’t familiar with your workplace culture. 


In conclusion, what is the best way to hire an employee in Malta?

Both MaltaJobs and Recruitment agencies in Malta help to connect suitable candidates to fill vacant positions in companies and businesses. They are both a very good option depending on your needs and budget. However, the overwhelming majority of job seekers find boards like MaltaJobs most helpful compared to the 38% who voted for recruitment agencies.

The cost-effectiveness, brand awareness, and reach MaltaJobs offer benefits both employees and recruitment agencies as well. That’s a simple enough reason why we see both entities use the platform to reach interested professionals to fill their open roles. 

We offer tailor-made welcome packages for employers or recruitment agencies who sign up on MaltaJobs and submit their open positions.

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