Malta Jobs Affiliate Program Launched

Welcome to the first online affiliate program in Malta. Malta Jobs Affiliate Program helps content creators, publishers, social media influencers and bloggers monetize their audience. is one of the most successul job listing websites in Malta and we have decided to share our success with you.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An online Affiliate programs works by rewarding people for sharing links online and referring clients to a specific brand. We’ve built our own affiliate program so you can view and manage anything related to your Affiliate profile directly through Malta Jobs Affiliate Dashboard.

What Affiliate tools are Provided with the Program?

Once registered as an affiliate with Malta Jobs you can find different marketing tools to help you promote our platform. Some of which are;

Referral URL Generator: This tool lets you add your unique affiliate id to any link from MaltaJobs. Simply enter a URL into the Page URL field and click Generate URL (URL Example to generate: ) Once you generate the url you should get the same link but with the added unique id ( )

Campaign Name: This is an optional field. The campaign name you add here will also be appended to your url. This is used to track specific creatives or the source of your traffic. For example you have a facebook page and a website. One link can have ‘fb’ campaign name attached to it, while the other can have ‘web’.

Creatives: Pre-made banners with your unique affiliate id attached to it already. Simply copy and paste the html code to display the banner adverts in your website or blog. We provide different banner designs throughout the year, so make sure to check often for any new creatives added to this section.

Embed Jobs: Create your own job listing website while earning referral income with MaltaJobs.  By adding a code generated from your affiliate dashboard you can automatically populate your current or new website with jobs posted on MaltaJobs linked directly with your affiliate id. This is a great tool to generate more traffic and increase your revenue.

How can I promote Malta Jobs to Earn Money Online?

You can promote MaltaJobs through different channels as long as you abide by our Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

Social Media: Own a social media account? Then why not post about Malta Jobs with your friends and family or in a facebook group to let them know about all the great job opportunities you can find on our platform. If you need an image you can always use a static banner we provide in the Affiliate Dashboard. Don’t forget to use your unique Affiliate id on the link you add to your posts.

Website Promotion: If you own a website you can add our link to it and also add some of the banners we provide in desginated advertising spots. The Embed Jobs is a great way to generate more clicks by showing MaltaJobs jobs directly on your website.

Blog Promotion: If you own a website or blog you can write up an article on why employers and job seekers should make use of Malta Jobs platform to hire staff and find work in Malta. You can then link back to the website using your unique affiliate links or even distribute some of the banners we provide in between sections of the article.

Youtube: If you run a Youtube channel with a good follower base related to what we provide as a service then it would be a good idea to record and prepare a video talking about various topics about working in Malta. You can then link your viewers to Malta Jobs through your unique Affiliate links. Do check out our Blog section for inspirational topics you’d want to talk about with your audience.

Instagram or Tiktok: If you have a good amount of followers on your instagram or tiktok accounts you can very easily create a quick video talking about Malta Jobs website while linking your viewers to our platform through your unique Affilaite id.

How Much Can I Earn and How do I Join?

You can earn as much as you want as long as you refer clients through your unique Affiliate id. You can read more about the benefits and how to join in our dedicated Affiliate Page

It’s definitely not an opportunity to miss out on if you want to be part of Malta Jobs growth while making an extra income on the side.

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