Working in Malta

Malta is a tiny island but in terms of working, it has fascinated many people. Many people enjoy the traditional Mediterranean way of life, professional business culture in Malta.  According to survey of InterNations, Malta ranked first in overall Job satisfaction out of sixty four countries.

Working in Malta has definitely has some advantages. Here are some of the Interesting reasons why people prefer working in Malta :

  • Legislative framework flexible to all type of Businesses
  • Malta has one of the least unemployment rate in the EU
  • A Growing tourism sector
  • Malta has the largest and most established shipping registry in Europe
  • A start-up technology hub
  • Regional hub for Information Technology, E-Business, Construction

Working hours and Paid Time off :

  • The average working hours in Malta is 40 hours a week While working in Malta, you are legally entitled to 24 days of annual leave and on public holiday also, you get a day off from work. According to Social Security System, you are allowed two weeks of sick leaves per year. Women are given 14 paid weeks and 4 weeks unpaid maternity leave.

Work permits and Visas in Malta :

  • If you are an EU/EEA/EFTA citizen, then you are not required to obtain work permit. For rest of the world, there are two options available to : One by doing Investment in Malta and second one is when your employer apply for a work permit on your behalf.

Healthcare :

  • According to WHO survey, Malta ranked 5th worldwide in the field of Healthcare. All EU nationals are eligible to get top healthcare facilities at no charge. Malta follows high standard in Medical field, so the ones who pays for national insurance is eligible for free public healthcare across the country.

Income and Taxation :

  • According to National Statistics Office, the average salary in Malta is €19,390 per annum. Individual are taxed between 15-35% of their income. Pay rise are generally given based on current cost of living. The cost of living also in Malta remains one of the lowest in Europe.

Social Security Benefits :

  • The social security act provides number of benefits for all residents who are over 18 years old as well as citizens employed by a Maltese company overseas. To avail these benefits, both employer and employees pay a minimum 10% of gross salary as a Social Security Contributions.

Finding a Job in Malta

Working in Malta has plethora of advantages which we have outlines in this article. You think Malta is your Ideal Work destination ? We can help you find right Job. Have a look at current Job openings in Malta :

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