The Best Christmas Office Jumpers

The Best Christmas Office Jumpers to buy for Chritmas 2023

Don your festive attire this season, whether you’re stationed at the office or settling into a virtual workspace. It’s time to be part of the worldwide trend with a touch of Maltese flair and get The Best Christmas Office Jumpers ready to be worn!

The Fascinating Roots of Christmas Jumpers

According to British Christmas Jumpers; for many, the allure of the Christmas jumper is unmistakable. Yet, few are aware of the story behind this festive garment. These vibrant pullovers trace their lineage to the icy realms of Iceland and Scandinavia. In regions where fishing is a way of life and winters are bitterly cold, these warm, intricately-knitted sweaters served a dual purpose in the 19th century: warmth for fishermen and a distinctive pattern to identify their community of origin. Today’s jumpers, with their diverse and often quirky designs, owe a nod to these origins.

The Perfect Time to Flaunt That Festive Pullover

In Malta, just like elsewhere, the anticipation starts early. By when should you adorn your festive jumper? Typically, early December sees people across the island showcasing their choice of The Best Christmas Office Jumpers. Yet, it’s crucial to gauge the atmosphere, especially in workplaces. Why not fix a date for an all-in “Christmas Jumper Day” to get everyone involved?

Celebrate Christmas Jumper Day 2023 in Style

This 2023, December 8th marks the global “Christmas Jumper Day.” While the tradition has deep roots in the UK, Malta has embraced the trend with its twist. With the island known for its vibrant Christmas events, parties, and lively celebrations, adding Christmas jumpers to the mix elevates the festive spirit. You can also link your celebrations with charitable endeavors.

Where to Show Off Your Jumper in Malta

From office spaces to festive gatherings in Valletta, there’s no shortage of places to flaunt your jumper. And yes, that includes virtual calls for work or connecting with family overseas. Malta, with its penchant for lively Christmas events, provides countless opportunities to wear and show off your choice – be it the most elegant jumper or the quirkiest one, whaterver you decide make sure you have The Best Christmas Office Jumpers in your wardrobe.

Where to buy The Best Christmas Office Jumpers?

While physical stores around the island offer a variety of choices, it’s the online shops like that are stealing the show. Here’s why:

  • One-Of-A-Kind Products: Unique designs on trendy gear you simply can’t get anywhere else.
  • Variety: A huge varierty of options to print the design on.
  • Custom Designs: You can customize your order. Add your own custom text, upload extra images, change the print area and more!
  • Powered By Pros: Spreadshirt prints and ships your order fast and on-demand.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Not 100% happy? Just send it back within 30-days.

Christmas jumpers have grown in popularity in Malta, inspired by worldwide trends. Here’s what’s hot this season as The Best Christmas Office Jumpers:

  1. Ugly Christmas Jumpers: Embrace the fun by opting for a design that’s deliberately outrageous. Perfect for competitions, these jumpers can be a conversation starter at Maltese parties! Try this Chritmas Jumper on a Sweater or Santa Skeleton Christmas Sweatshirt.
  2. Showstopper Christmas Jumpers: Want to be the center of attention? Go for an audacious design that captures the festive frenzy, such as this Bite Me Christmas Sweatshirt or All I want is Chritmas Booze Sweatshirt
  3. Subtle Elegance: For those who prefer sophistication, understated designs with a nod to Christmas can be a great pick.
  4. Twinning Jumpers: Team up with a colleague or a friend and go for matching designs. It’s twice the fun and double the festivity.
  5. Humorous Takes: Infuse some humor into your Christmas attire. It’s a lighthearted way to bring smiles during the festive season. Some good ones are the Santa is it Late to be Good? Sweatshirt or Jingle my Bells Will Ya?
  6. Pop Culture Themes: Dive into the realm of movies, TV shows, or even video games and showcase your fan spirit with a themed jumper.


In Malta, where Christmas parties and events are the highlights of the season, a fitting jumper can be the perfect accessory. Whether you’re aiming for elegance or opting for the outrageous, make sure your jumper reflects your festive spirit! Buy your Christmas jumper on time online through

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