What Is The Most Common Job In Malta?

It should be no surprise to anyone that the service sector employs the most people on every inhabited island of the Maltese archipelago, but that doesn’t mean the most common job in Malta is serving tourists drinks on the beach. Malta is classified as one of forty countries with ‘advanced economies’ according to the International Monetary Fund, and there are several industries that make up their services sector. The portion currently seeing the most growth is financial services, and, in fact, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training estimates that by 2025, 39% of the entire labour force will have high-level qualifications – too high for mixing cocktails! If you’re qualified to fill the growing demand in the Malta jobs market for financial services, you have a lot to look forward to career-wise as well as soaking up 300 days of sun in one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean along the way.

Financial Services Quickly Becoming Most Common Job In Malta

It’s hard to pinpoint the single most common job in Malta, but the overwhelming majority are all positioned within the service sector. Financial services are the fastest-growing industry within that, accounting for nearly 11% of total GDP. Virtually all Malta jobs have been enjoying recent growth due to the area’s attraction to investors and wealthy expatriates alike. The government has provided business incentives that continue to attract blue-chip companies across the world, and financial services weigh predominantly towards sectors such as asset management, investment funds, insurance, private wealth, and corporate services.

Its large port is accommodating to the shipping industry, (which itself would have been the most common job in Malta if this article were written a hundred years ago), being strategically placed close between Africa and Europe. Maritime services such as cargo and freight liners make up a substantial portion of the Maltese financial services clientele.

Malta jobs in the financial services industry will grow even more because of the country’s keen willingness to develop Blockchain technology on the island. The Maltese Parliament has passed three laws recently with the design of attracting innovators of this and other Fintech services, as well as setting up the structure necessary to allow them to thrive. 

Malta Jobs

The Maltese economy has proven resilient time and again, from the financial crises of 2008 to the Covid era it has weathered the storm and been able to bounce back strong. It’s not only vacationers who choose to come here – some of the largest companies in the world are attracted to its friendly regulatory environment and highly skilled workforce.

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