What Companies Are Hiring For Quality Jobs in Malta?

Malta has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire European Union, and the country is experiencing great economic growth that has opened more job opportunities than ever before. If you are searching for a job in Malta, getting started is easy with Maltajobs.com. Follow the simple steps on our homepage to upload your CV or resume so employers will see you on their search for new hires. You can easily browse companies in Malta that are looking to bring skilled workers like you on their team.

Malta is always looking for people with professional workplace skills to invite into the country, but the island is also notable for being a start-up technology hub, which means that many young companies in Malta are eager to hire entry-level workers too. Since Malta is warm and sunny all year round and plentiful public transportation means there isn’t much need for a car, getting a job in Malta can be a great first step in your career.

Malta Companies Hiring For Quality Jobs 2021

Although job openings change frequently, here are some of the many great companies that are currently hiring for quality jobs in Malta in December 2021. Not yet sure which may be the best fit for you? Also check out our article on what jobs are in high demand in Malta for more information on the projected growth of Malta businesses.


PWC is a large consulting company that is located in Malta’s capital city, Valletta, and currently maintains over 10,000 employees globally. By working at PWC, you can help organizations be prepared for taxes and audits, as well as assist with technology consulting.


Vodafone is a cable, Internet, and telephone provider that also employs over 10,000 employees and pulls in over $10 billion in revenue each year. Since human resources jobs and skilled professional positions are in high demand in Malta, this is a great time to submit your resume.

Cutajar Ltd

Cutajar Limited is a company in the development industry, with many entry-level positions available. You only need one year of experience to apply for many jobs in this company, so it’s a great option to consider even if your experience in the industry field is limited. Cutajar is especially interested in hiring salespeople right now, especially if they are fluent in both English and Maltese.

If you’re considering a job in Malta, our salary calculator can help you determine how much you can expect to make from a variety of jobs, allowing you to better estimate what type of home you can afford to rent or buy in Malta. You should also read up on how much tax is deducted from salary in Malta to help you identify potential tax deductions depending on your residency status. We’re excited to match you with a great job in Malta, and thrilled that you’ve chosen Maltajobs.com to help you find a great opportunity in a beautiful island country.

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