Sustainability coordinator


Job Description

The sustainability coordinator will provide administrative assistance for project when necessary as well as proposes sustainability initiatives or provides the
necessary background research on initiatives proposed while assessing cost effectiveness,
technical feasibility, and probability of achieving acceptance.


  • Providing administrative assistance, such as writing and editing emails, drafting memos, and preparing communications on the executive’s behalf.
  • Organising meetings, including scheduling, sending reminders, and organising catering when necessary.
  • Managing the executive’s calendar, including making appointments and prioritising the most sensitive matters.
  • Develop strategic framework and system-wide goals with supporting cross-functional team structure to streamline implementation of CSR strategy.
  • Participate in project design meetings and propose improvements if necessary.
  • Evaluate potential problems and technical hitches and develop solutions.
  • Plan and manage team goals, project schedules and new information.
  • Develop and implement marketing strategies to develop awareness of and participation in sustainability initiatives.
  • Supports grant seeking efforts of management and faculty.
  • Based on collected data, offers recommendations on how to reduce energy use while reducing emissions.
  • Initiates ideas and practices involving recycling, composting. and other forms of waste reduction.
  • Attends workshops, seminars and conferences related to energy and sustainability for professional development through networking opportunities


  • Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences, Environmental Policy or Natural resource Management.
  • Experience organizing CSR projects and project management experience.
  • Knowledge and experience in environmental management, climate
    change, energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental sustainability principles.

Required skills