How To Find A Job In Malta

If finding a job in Malta is your dream, you’re not the only one. With such amazing scenery and great career opportunities, you’ll be up against some stiff competition from locals and expats alike who all have the same vision of working and living in paradise. You can gain the edge, however, with these tips from Malta Jobs.

Update Your Resume

When applying to different Malta jobs, you’re much more likely to make an impression if your resume showcases specific skills applicable to the position. This can be as simple as re-wording specific paragraphs with keywords that certain employers can relate to. With our help, this should not mean you have to write completely different resumes to pass out when finding a job in Malta.

Learn More Than One Language

Malta jobs are heavily bent toward the service sector because of its popularity among tourists. With so many residents and visitors alike from all over the world, you will stand out from other applicants when finding a job in Malta if you speak different languages. English is primarily used in business, but Maltese is also spoken frequently. If you can demonstrate at least a working knowledge of Maltese, your employer and co-workers are more likely to assume that you intend to stay with the job for a while.

Rehearse For Your Interview

If you’ve been to many interviews in your lifetime, you’re probably aware that they generally all follow the same template. It’s no different when interviewing for Malta jobs, so brush up on the questions you expect to be asked and rehearse your answers. This will make you appear more confident and straightforward when it comes to the real thing.

Follow Up

You should use a follow-up call or email when finding a job in Malta as you would anywhere else. Some managers specifically wait to hear back from applicants they have interviewed before making a hiring decision, as it shows tenacity and genuine interest in the position. The standard procedure for Malta jobs is to call back or send an email one to two weeks after your interview or you place a resume. If you have to leave a message instead of talking directly to the hiring manager, be sure to: leave your full name, phone number, the position you are applying for, the day you were interviewed, and a polite invitation to call you back.


When finding a job in Malta, it helps to be able to send your resume to as many prospective employers as possible in a short time. Your odds of landing a job you want are improved when you have more eyes on your resume, and there will be less time in between call-backs and interviews. is the leading service in Malta to connect great employers with a talented pool of applicants. You can reach more people as well as read news and topics all about the current Malta jobs market at

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