How to Crack Remote Interviews ?

Coronavirus gripped countries across the globe and has had a huge impact on almost every sector. Recruitment process is one of the most important aspect of any organization and it has direct impact on any company’ growth. The pandemic has completely changed the recruitment process. Many organizations are now coming up with innovative and effective recruitment process like e-joining and e-relieving where everything works remotely. Hiring process is the most crucial part of any organization and many companies adapted to the current change. In this article, we will discuss about how to successfully crack remote Interviews. At Maltajobs, we provide all important information and tips to help candidates get their dream job.

Interviewing via online platforms can be quite different from meeting in person. Here are some of the important tips to crack remote interviews.

(1) Research the Company and job role you’re applying for

  • This is the first and foremost thing you need to do while applying for any job, Whether it is remote or face-to-face Interview. Do some research about the company, their vision and mission, their products and services, their management, their future plans. You can get all such details on their website. Also, check the roles and responsibilities of the role you’re applying for and future prospects of that role. You can check their company and employees’ Linkdin profile for that.

(2) Dress appropriately :

  • Make sure you are properly dressed for the Job you’re applying for. While preparing for face-to-face Interviews, we take utmost care of our dressing. But dressing in online Interviews is also equally important.

(3) Set the Interview room and test your tech equipment’s :

  • Decide the place where you can comfortably appear for an Online Interview. Make sure your background doesn’t have any kind of impact on your setup. Before appearing for a virtual Interview, set up everything and test one time to check everything works properly or not. Do not forget to eliminate all distraction. Turn off all notification from your laptop and Mobile and keep your phone silent. Ensure at least 15 minutes before whether everything is in place and works properly.

(4) Body Language :

  • Body language includes manner, gesture and posture. You must avoid nervous or bored body language like scratching your head, crossing and uncrossing legs or arms, continually, constant gesturing. Following things shows a good sign of body language: show you’re fully engaged in an remote interview, show your enthusiasm towards the job, listening carefully while interviewer making an important point.

(5) Have your resume & paper-pen handy

  • While appearing for online Interview, your attention should totally be on Interview. But you may need to have a hard copy of your CV with you for backup. It is also advisable that keep your paper and pen handy, if Interviewer ask any such task.

(6) Have a Backup plan

  • Technology set up is very important in online Interviews. But there may be instances where your Internet connection goes down temporarily or your speakers not working properly in between Interview. You can have additional Internet connection plan or headphones if in case there is any issues. If required and you have a backup for the same, then it shows how much you’re prepared and how serious you’re for that particular Job. However, if such things happen, remember to stay calm as Interviewer also understands these things.

(7) Have a follow up after the Interview

  • After appearing for the Online Interview, you can send an email to recruiter that you enjoyed the meeting and eager to learn more about the company and role. Conclude the email by writing that you look forward to hearing from them.

Some Other Common Interview tips :

  • Make good first impression
  • Keep your responses short and to the point
  • Be always confident while answering any questions
  • Make an eye contact with the every panel members
  • If you don’t know the answer of any question, don’t make random guesses.
  • Do not get over excited if you know all the answers

Virtual Interviews are now gaining momentum and we think every candidate should be prepared for this. In this article, we summarized how to crack remote Interview and win jobs.

All the best!

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