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Company Description

The renowned international chocolate connoisseur, Sunday in Scotland, has unveiled its first boutique café & chocolate store in the picturesque heart of Valletta, Malta.

The café’s captivating exterior boasts a radiant blend of blue and gold mirrors, complemented by tiles adorned with hues of blue, orange, and red. Its ambiance is further enriched with classic wicker chairs, dark wood, brass embellishments, and a curated collection of original art. Situated amidst the historic stepped streets of Valletta, surrounded by quaint shops and eateries, Sunday in Scotland’s presence is undeniably distinct.

Esteemed patrons laud it as the city’s artistic crown jewel, with many asserting that it offers the finest coffee, pastries, and chocolates in the capital. From traditional chocolate blocks and velvety pralines to a delectable array of tarts, pastries, and cakes – each flavor is crafted to enchant every taste bud. Guests can revel in these gourmet delights within the café’s chic interiors or bask in the ambiance of St Lucy’s steps, observing the rhythmic ebb and flow of city life.

The brand’s artisan chocolates, especially their iconic Original Maltese Falcon sculpture, are also available in exquisitely crafted packaging, making them perfect take-away gifts.

Each of Sunday in Scotland’s confections is a testament to their dedication to quality. Every ingredient is painstakingly selected to craft unique delicacies. Customers can savor them at the boutique, take them on the go, gift them, or even pre-order from their online store. Beyond being just a café, it’s a versatile venue, perfect for everything from a casual morning brew to an elegant evening soiree, paired with their signature “wine, champagne, gin, whisky & chocolate” experience, and is open for group reservations.