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Marvin Gauci: Malta’s Culinary Maestro

Hailing from Malta, Marvin Gauci is a celebrated creator of restaurant concepts, earning accolades on a global scale. Known far and wide, Chef Marvin has a reputation for crafting a series of innovative, successful restaurants that have become go-to destinations for food enthusiasts and gastronomes. After receiving a traditional culinary education at the Institute for Tourism Studies, Chef Marvin embarked on a journey through some of the world’s most esteemed restaurants and hotels. His career began in Ireland, with roles at Buswells hotel and Blackbush golf club, and then expanded to leading various prestigious culinary projects worldwide.

Wild Thyme: The Beginning of a Gastronomic Journey

Chef Marvin’s first restaurant, Wild Thyme, in Xemxija, marked the start of a series of successful ventures. With Wild Thyme quickly becoming a local favourite, the ambitious chef decided to raise the bar by launching Tarragon in 2007. Located in St Paul’s Bay, Tarragon quickly became a culinary landmark for both locals and tourists, earning the title of the most awarded restaurant in Malta. Its commitment to sustainability and local produce made it a hit among food lovers. Tarragon also introduced the island to molecular cuisine, adding another achievement to Chef Marvin’s list.

Caviar and Bull: A Fusion of Molecular Gastronomy and Local Flavours

In 2014, Caviar and Bull was unveiled in St Julian’s, quickly becoming a favourite among the trendy crowd. The menu, a fusion of molecular gastronomy and local recipes, offered a unique dining experience, with the signature molecular cocktails serving as the perfect finishing touch.

Buddhamann and Susurrus: A Culinary Evolution

Following the success of Caviar and Bull, Chef Marvin launched Buddhamann in 2015. Offering an upscale Asian fusion menu on the waterfront, Buddhamann quickly became one of the island’s trendiest spots. However, a devastating hurricane destroyed the restaurant. From its ruins, Susurrus was born, offering a unique blend of Mediterranean and South American flavours.

Dinner in the Sky Malta: A Dining Experience Like No Other

Chef Marvin’s most audacious concept to date is Dinner in the Sky Malta. This exclusive dining experience allows small groups to enjoy award-winning dishes while suspended 40m in the air, offering breathtaking views of some of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes.

International Success: Caviar and Bull in Budapest

Chef Marvin’s culinary expertise extends beyond Malta, with ventures in France, Italy, Spain, the UK, Greece, Austria, Ireland, and more. His concepts have attracted celebrities and VIPs, leading to the launch of Caviar and Bull within the luxurious Corinthia Hotel Budapest. The restaurant has won several awards, including Best Restaurant in Budapest and Best Wine Cellar List of the Year. In 2018, Chef Marvin was named Chef of the Year at the Best of Budapest and Hungary Awards. Today, it is considered a must-visit destination on the Hungarian fine-dining scene.