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Alkagesta Careers and Job Vacancies

Established in Malta in 2018, Alkagesta has evolved into a pioneering force in the global commodity trading sector. Our core areas of expertise include the trading of a comprehensive array of Petroleum products, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, and Agricultural commodities.

Leveraging our profound knowledge of both physical and derivative markets, alongside our robust logistics framework, Alkagesta is adept at fulfilling the increasing global demand for commodities while ensuring the satisfaction of our partners worldwide.

The foundation of our distinct organizational ethos.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
We excel through innovation and the pursuit of new ventures. Our commitment to challenging conventional norms and continuously seeking business opportunities underlines our entrepreneurial spirit. We are dedicated to exploring new territories, introducing market solutions, achieving governance excellence, and cultivating an outstanding organizational culture. This ethos is aimed at fostering a vibrant, forward-thinking, and inclusive work environment that encourages creativity, promotes growth, and champions transformative initiatives.

Collaboration at Alkagesta signifies a commitment to a unified work culture characterized by teamwork, mutual support, and collective achievement. Recognizing the diverse talents, perspectives, and experiences each team member brings, we advocate for active participation and contribution from all, enhancing our collective output.

For us, respect transcends simple tolerance, incorporating empathy, active listening, and receptiveness to diverse viewpoints. We champion transparent and respectful discourse, valuing all contributions and fostering an environment where open debate leads to superior decisions and strengthens our collective resolve.

Accountability is central to our identity, driving every member of Alkagesta to wholeheartedly engage with our mission and embrace a mindset focused on sustainable progress. This shared sense of responsibility encourages us to assume control over our duties and the broader success of our organization, understanding that our collective growth hinges on individual contributions. We are proactive in seeking ways to enhance the company’s trajectory through innovation, operational excellence, and cultivating robust client and stakeholder relationships.

Lifelong Learning
Our commitment to continuous learning and improvement is key to our success. We motivate all employees to foster a growth mindset and seize every learning opportunity. By offering support for various educational pursuits, such as workshops, training, or advanced studies, we facilitate ongoing development within Alkagesta.

Client Focus
Our dedication to exceptional service is unwavering. Prioritizing the anticipation, recognition, and fulfillment of client needs is paramount, ensuring they receive unparalleled service experiences. Understanding that high-quality service fosters trust and solidifies long-term partnerships, we place our clients’ preferences and requirements at the forefront of our operations, aiming for prompt and effective solutions to their inquiries and requests.

Diligent Follow-Up
We recognize that our engagement with clients, partners, and stakeholders extends well beyond the first point of contact. Committed to outstanding follow-up, we ensure their continued satisfaction and success, emphasizing the importance of sustained communication and support.

Value-Centric Approach
Our relentless pursuit of understanding the challenges, desires, and aspirations of our clients allows us to customize our offerings to surpass their expectations. At the core of being value-centric is a profound comprehension of our stakeholders’ unique needs and goals, guiding our efforts to deliver tailored products, services, and solutions.