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4 Top Jobs in Malta

Malta is a growing country with many employment opportunities available. While it’s a relatively small country, there are many advantages to working in Malta such as having a flexible legislative framework for all businesses and a bustling tourism sector. It’s also seen as a start-up technology hub these days, resulting in many new positions opening up.

But what are some of the top jobs in Malta? Here are just a few suggestions for you to consider if you’re thinking about working on this wonderful little island.

1. Multilingual Accountants

As a bustling city that is starting to make a name for itself as a tech start-up hub, it’s become important for companies in Malta to start hiring accountants to help manage their finances. However, instead of just accounting, companies in Malta are looking for multilingual accountants to help spread into different sectors.

Malta is the only English-speaking country in the Mediterranean which makes it a great place to settle for anyone that has a good grasp of English. However, if you’re fluent in another language, then it drastically increases your chances of finding high-paying Malta jobs as an accountant with a large company, or even as a freelancer working with a variety of different start-ups.

2. Compliance Officer

A compliance officer is an individual that helps companies comply with regulatory and legal requirements. The reason why compliance officer careers in Malta are so in demand is due to the large number of companies that are starting up in the region. With so many new start-ups forming, it’s become incredibly important for them to lay out internal policies and meet legal requirements to safeguard the foundation of their company.

As a compliance officer, it’s important to have a keen eye for detail and understanding of laws and regulations. So if you have experience in compliance or are willing to learn, then this can be a fantastic opportunity to start a new career in Malta.

3. Networking Engineer

Internet use in Malta has steadily been increasing over the past couple of years, and with new tech start-ups forming in the country the demand for fast connections is soaring. As such, networking engineers are now more in-demand than ever before, paving the way for many unique engineering jobs in Malta for those with skills in the field.

This is a role that can be taken as a freelancer, or you can work with companies that specialise in network installations and other engineering services.

4. Casino Staff

Casinos have found a surprising home in Malta thanks to the region’s push into tourism. There are multiple large casinos in the country and the sector is steadily starting to grow thanks to an increase in overseas visitors. With the influx of casinos and the tourists they bring in, casino careers in Malta are booming.

This can be a great starting job if you’re looking to settle into Malta, but there are also opportunities to work as senior casino staff which comes with lucrative benefits. This is a growing industry that will likely see massive growth as the tourism sector flourishes.

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